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Re: Do you dare daydream? by FindinNemo
[Today at 01:22 AM]

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[Today at 01:17 AM]

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[Today at 01:15 AM]

Re: Rotary Tumbler by Radar1966
[Today at 12:25 AM]

Re: Off Road Camper Trailer Tvan Murranji by AngerManagement
[Yesterday at 11:06 PM]

Re: Rotary Tumbler by Meggie
[Yesterday at 07:49 PM]

Re: Rotary Tumbler by Sneaky
[Yesterday at 07:41 PM]

Rotary Tumbler by 14FNX
[Yesterday at 06:18 PM]

Re: First run with the Equinox by Way2Go
[Yesterday at 05:12 PM]

Re: Minelab Equinox by nickel_n
[Yesterday at 04:26 PM]

Minelab Explorer II Shaft by Meggie
[Yesterday at 04:25 PM]

Skunked by my father-in-law by Shane-o88
[Yesterday at 04:18 PM]

Re: First run with the Equinox by Shane-o88
[Yesterday at 03:52 PM]

Re: First run with the Equinox by whitehunter
[Yesterday at 03:38 PM]

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« Last post by Nokta Detectors on Today at 02:38 AM »
Dear Valued Members,

We are proud to share the official commercial of the Makro Kruzer metal detector.

Thank You! 
General Detecting Chatter / Re: Do you dare daydream?
« Last post by FindinNemo on Today at 01:22 AM »
YES YES YES!  Put it out there, dont get if you dont ask!  
My first coin.  A simple half penny but omg that first find feeling is addictive!
Great post!  Feel like i have just read "The Secret" of metal detecting in urban areas.  On the few occasions i have done this and being mindful of the pristine lawns, i have turned my sensitivity right down to minimise deep holes.
General Detecting Chatter / Re: Rotary Tumbler
« Last post by Radar1966 on Today at 12:25 AM »
I have had one for about 3 years and works a treat cleaning coins. Get the stainless shot though.

I love mine, but have not been able to use it as much as I would like.

General Detecting Chatter / Re: Rotary Tumbler
« Last post by Meggie on Yesterday at 07:49 PM »
I recently bought one of those tumblers David.
I have only used it twice ,but beware the shot that comes with it rusts very quickly.
I have just today ordered a kilo of stainless steel shot (not cheap) I'm sure it will do the job then.

By the way if you order off eBay use the code PICK5 on your paypal checkout  for a 5% discount ..order must be $70 or more.
Meggie  ..
General Detecting Chatter / Re: Rotary Tumbler
« Last post by Sneaky on Yesterday at 07:41 PM »
I have a similar one from FleaBay (they are probably all the same) I use mine primarily for cleaning rifle cartridge cases (I'm a shooter).
I have done some coins and some .303's that have been in the ground for 70 years, they came up a treat.

General Detecting Chatter / Rotary Tumbler
« Last post by 14FNX on Yesterday at 06:18 PM »
I am after a rotary tumbler and have seen these on EBay for around $70.00.

Has anyone got one?  Are they any good?

Any recommendations?

Thanks, David.
Equinox / Re: First run with the Equinox
« Last post by Way2Go on Yesterday at 05:12 PM »
Detrack - I like the covers, especially the auscam one. Did you make them yourself? If you did, any chance of getting a copy of the template you used (if your did make them). I would not mind making my own covers, if you have any tips.

I looked at the ebay version, not impressed.

I have not purchased the nox yet, but am really considering it as each post I read looks quite positive. If I do I would be looking at a cover.

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