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I got some for summer work with my GPX4000 and X-terra 705 (need a converter from 1/4 inch to 1/8 inch jack), I have no problems with recommending them.
Being able to easily order new foam covers is a great bonus every couple of years.
Mine came in the same hard case as the wireless set for the Deus.
The connector is a 90 degree plug.
Detector Accessories / Re: PRODUCT REVIEW: Sunray Pro Gold Headphones
« Last post by ivanll on Today at 11:18 AM »
Thinking of buying a pair of these for my Fisher F4,Anyone tried them with an F4?
Also best place to buy?
If hard to find try "Killer B Wasp" they are the same headphones with a different name and they will both work on an F4.
Got mine from Colonial Metal Detectors.
Dealer Specials / Re: Australian Made Digging tools
« Last post by purgatori on Today at 09:13 AM »
Are you making anymore long handle diggers clegy
Business Reviews / Re: Maldon Gold Centre
« Last post by Clegy on Today at 08:45 AM »
I know Robert and have met him a few times.
He is also into other hobby stuff so you can buy rockets and models and stuff like that.

He is across a fair few brands and usually has a good stock count on hand. he did move the shop to a bigger one not long after opening so one would assume hes doing Ok.

Noticed he has a few sluices and stuff in stock too. Good gold guy that knows maldon very well and easy to talk to.

Can recommend as reputable business over the year or so I have been talking to Him.



Hi mate
They are not too bad to use, very light and the sound is pretty good. In the wind though gets a bit blowy but they actually fit to your head better than WS4's. Primarily I wear them on the beach so they are very usable in the wind still.

I have been through 3 pairs in about 2 years, I use them with my cscope mostly and did run them on the 5000. Cord is too long for 5000 and I just ended up in a tangle with the hundred other leads you run. LOL Weak point is the plug join, that's where all have failed so far. Set I am on now I re-enforced a bit with good ole duct tape been using for ages.

Inline volume control is handy as well.

Pretty good for the $30, the other alternatives I have tried have all been BigW or Kmart stuff. there are a few options there and about the same price too. Personally I don't like things in my ears so most of them were quite uncomfortable.

Hope that helps mate

bugger i fell for it......
Hi guys,
I am after some good headphones that sit behind my head rather that over it. The KOSS Headphones that came with my CTX kept sliding off my obviously pointy and small head even though the comfort and sound quality was awesome.
Thought the FX headphones look good and if anyones used them Particularly with a CTX. Or does anyone know any other alternatives.
Thanks in advance
Business Reviews / Re: Maldon Gold Centre
« Last post by OL 56 on Yesterday at 10:09 PM »
Have read their contributions on another Forum, they seem helpful and appear to have several brands in stock, no direct dealings unfortunately...........cheers Colin.  
Used Equipment for Sale or Wanted / Re: Minelab Eldorado Mk2
« Last post by lazyaussie on Yesterday at 09:04 PM »
it was my first detector :)
Business Reviews / Re: Maldon Gold Centre
« Last post by Rwork on Yesterday at 08:13 PM »
I remember someone saying they went in and it was some other type of shop that also hires detectors. We will be going to Maldon in a month.
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