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Author Topic: [FOR SALE] 24V pumps that have any number of uses.  (Read 459 times)

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[FOR SALE] 24V pumps that have any number of uses.
« on: November 15, 2014, 13:50 »
Hi All

I have a number of 24V  diaphragm pumps that can be used for Pressure And OR Vacuum...

These have all had some level of use, but are running well.  

If your running a 24V system in a Boat; these make great live bait pumps...  

I am sure that there are 101 uses for them, and I have a mate that uses a couple for supply of compressed Air and oil pumps on some of his projects.  Am sure they could be put to use for some project that is recovery related.....

But they have to GO.... Not sure of postage costs; so a pick-up from 4030 is the best..  

  •  4  plain units
  •  2 Units with pressure sensors and adjustment to set them to cut in and out at a set value
NOTE:  How they run at 12V is all subject to load etc and thus I can not provide any more info. They are 24V and the PDF is attached.


1:   Plain units  $25 ea   Or  OBO if more than one (1) wanted.

2:   Regulated units  $38 ea   Or  OBO for two.

3:   $125 for the LOT   ;D

Collect ONLY... No Postage unless a good reason and buyer to pay.

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