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Author Topic:  What to use to attach the coil cover that stops stuff getting inbetween  (Read 2284 times)

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Hey all, searched around in the tip and tricks section and a general forum search didn't yield much.
I was just wondering what to use to attach a coil cover that will also stop grit, sand etc from getting inbetween the cover and the coil, could I use just normal clear silicone?
And yes I found Ivan's thread on the rubber spray stuff, I'd only be interested in that once the cover is broken, for now it does the job and has for ages.  I've also heard about the coil tape.
The whole time I've been using my Sovereign I've had the cover attached with some strong blue tack, it has held fast the whole time but that doesn't stop it from filling up with sand, water etc between the cover and the coil, so I am looking at connecting the cover in a way that does.

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   hi  BB.  I  don't  worry  about a coil cover on the beach. sand  isn't  going  to scratch or  damage the coil really,only  near  rocks.  water  is not a problem  then, either. for  a round  solid  coil type cover, a tight  seal-  using  electrical tape etc,  around  the outer edge of the coil, may  keep everything out in the first place.  
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I use sikaflex on my covers works well,ain't had the cover off for 2 years & still going strong, get the same colour & take your time,use a nice bead like a weld last thing you want is too thin & water gets in then having to do it again ??? 
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You can use clear silicone or Polyurethane,  but use it sparingly. Less is best for a many reason that includes weight and ease of removal of it, when you ever chose to remove the coil cover.
I've used silicone in the past, but I prefer a product from Bunnings Hardware called LeakSeal. Not sure if it's the same one referred to by Ivan and you don't need to wait for the cover to break.
It works quite well but only if the joins are not large gaps or open holes. The gap of coil cover to coil gets sealed usually on the first spray , but personally, I prefer and use two or three coats.  
I cant find the reference to it on the Bunnings Hardware website, but this is the product:

Cost me about $16 here in Perth and comes in clear or black over here in some stores and only black in others.
Hope it helps you out. also stops rust..........
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Hi guys

I'm only new to detecting and I haven't tried it myself as I'm still waiting for my new at pro to be delivered but I use a product called liquid Electrical tape on my rc electronics, it's liquid, flexible and will peal off with a lil bit of effort. Takes about 12 hours to cure. Available at jay car.
Hope this helps
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I just use cotton tape around my coil cover so I stop breaking them. Doesn't look real flash but saves me about $30 every 3 months

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