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Author Topic: [FOR SALE] Help me get my dream machine....  (Read 757 times)

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[FOR SALE] Help me get my dream machine....
« on: January 29, 2015, 18:51 »
Hi All,
I mentioned a little while ago that I would like to pick up an upgrade machine (CTX) to add to my detecting arsenal.  My timing was off by 24 hrs to pick up the deal of the year on Ebay yesterday :'(  .
Today I was fortunate enough to acquire 3 lovely jewellery items from an estate (pics below) 2 of which will most likely be sold to turn my upgrade ambition into reality (if anyone has cash burning a hole in their pockets or a spare CTX, send me a pm....will most likely get individual valuations if requested).
Ring 1 is 14k 5.6 grams yellow gold, 5 rows of diamond ring is just for show and tell, missus will be keeping this and getting it appraised, I counted about 40 diamonds in this piece and all tested good.
Ring 2 is a 14k 3.8 grams of white gold Eternity ring (with certified value supplied by original seller for this piece), combined total weight of diamonds aprox 1.4 carats (310....yes 310 real diamonds...tested several, obviously not all...but tested good), the cert for this is from a NY jeweller (googled them, legit) and it was at $2499 (US) in 2013.
Ring 3 is a 14K 7.6 grams of yellow gold with 30 light blue stones (Unknown, but believed to be either Aquamarine or Topaz)
I'm not too hot on sizing (will have to get me a sizing stick) but the fit my little finger...looking at the cert on the eternity ring (ring 2 ) it comes up as a USA 10 3/4 which coverts to V 1/4 Australian, ring 3 I think would be the next size down.
Prices unsure of at this stage open to offers in the meantime, will be updating the post when local valuations are completed (as I can get around to getting them done).
PS  Valentines day is not far away ;)

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