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Author Topic:  Boosters - Volume and Placebo - The real functionality is missing...  (Read 961 times)

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Have had to fix / modify a few over the last few months.

Seems to add some volume, but  remember not every one has the full frequency range/response  with their hearing.  So some will find them better and others not so much...

You want something that is responsive to the tone that your looking for; will boost the good signals and drop the response on the background noise.  

Thus allowing better separation... With out sounding like a duff duff box.

Having the volume too far up, just continues to damage your hearing..

The A&Z and Rooster boosters are simple portable amps... And boost a broad range and you can not adjust for the tone that your looking for.  Simple and somewhat effective but lacking functionality.

If your truly serious, you should look at something like a small plug in guitar amp; as the better ones have TONE / VOLUME / GAIN  control and all 3 can be adjusted.  Then can be battery OR have a USB charger; and many also have two output ports so that you can train / demo to another user at the same time.  

This way you can use a known sample/signal that your looking to hear and not just boost all sound, but attempt to target the tone your desperate to hear :-)

And for less than  $100 in many cases...

Am looking at something to offer, but good research takes time... But stay tuned... 

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