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Author Topic:  Deteknix Quest Pro  (Read 1301 times)

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Deteknix Quest Pro
« on: April 13, 2016, 08:41 »
It's been awhile since I have visited this forum and noticed a thread about the Quest.
I managed to get one to field test.
Here's my initial post about it:
Air Test performance is incredible for a detector like this.
About 16" on my 14kt gold wedding band in all metal mode.
About 18" on a silver dollar coin.
Yeah, yeah...only air tests, in the ground is what matters.
I have one of the original models as pictured.
But has a few changes made program wise. Spent 4 hours or so bench testing a number of weeks ago.
It has good potential, I like it. Overall design and concept is excellent.
It's actually a mix of a number of detector designs. Trying to choose the best features from many others, sometimes it works, sometimes it doesn't when all put together. So improvements and alterations are currently in current versions of the Quest are not currently being marketed in the US. You'll have to wait for the new improved version. Current version was mostly distributed as test units........reason for some mixed reviews.

Features and menu system similar to the Teknetics T2 with some added features. Such as 5 pre-set hunting programs, nice backlight.
Think its going to be geared as a middle of the road, general purpose detector for the above average end user. What it has going for it is its compact, waterproof and can double as a water rain hunting detector like the AT pro and MX Sport.
Wireless headset is a bonus.

It will not replace your Deus or any other higher end machine.
The new version with improvements suggested by others are now being implemented, physically and software wise. Shows Deteknix is on the ball, getting a superb product on the market.

First day outside with it the weather was ok in the morning for a couple hours, visited the backyard while I watched the grumpy cats fly around chasing this and that, Quest in hand. Then the cold  rain started. Weather would not be cooperative until the following Sat. Had to wait until then to head out and see what the Quest will find.

That day came, still not spring like weather about 39F wind a 20mph wind, no sun. Braved it all, with lots of clothing layers.  I can sum up the operation and performance is about identical to the Teknetics T2 in a more compact waterproof design. No complaints. ID's accurately which is a big plus.

One of the changes being made is the control box angle, original it was in too much of an upright position, ok for a youngster with small hands. Not very good for adults with larger hands. Upright position made it a bit harder to see the screen and make adjustments. To give you an idea how the new improved Quest will look like, see the pictures below of the mod I just did to mine. 1000% better and the thumb rests on the menu and pinpoint control pads naturally. just roll the thumb forward or backwards to switch from pad to pad.

I do find the Quest Pro an excellent machine, really like it. Finally the weather is breaking this week in Canada and I can get out and play some more with it.

I also modified mine to use small  NEL Sharpshooter search coil. Oh what a great combination.
Down the road Deteknix hopefully will have add'l coils for it.

This will give you an idea regarding the Quest

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Re: Deteknix Quest Pro
« Reply #1 on: April 13, 2016, 12:14 »
The screen angle looks better, thanks for posting your test results. Glad we don't get much more than frost on our goldfields here in Oz.
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