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Author Topic:  Tasmania Jewellery Rescue service  (Read 580 times)

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Tasmania Jewellery Rescue service
« on: September 27, 2016, 09:19 »
Tasmania Lost Jewellery and metallic object rescue service.
If your in the State of Tasmania and you have lost your:
  • Ring or Other Jewellery
  • Watch
  • Keys
  • or any other Metallic Object
Then please place your details in a new post and our members will try and help you out, if we have in the area that is.

With a growing Membership base Australia wide we are able to cover many areas, so don't ever think your too remote. Some of the detectorists here spend a lot of time away from home so you never know who is close by.

Remember to read the main post in this section first and remember this is a service and AMDRH Forum accepts no Liability for anything that may happen on a rescue mission. The forum is simply providing the opportunity for people that need to help to get the right person for the job. IE someone who owns and can use a metal detector to find your list stuff.

NO Payment is asked for but a Donation to the finder of the item would be nice to cover travel expenses and maybe buy some lunch.

Thank you all and remember common sense prevails in all cases, do not put your self in danger to make a recovery.

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