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Author Topic:  New member saying hello  (Read 413 times)

Offline daryl do nicely

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New member saying hello
« on: August 05, 2017, 21:16 »
Hi folks,
 Ive recently been looking for a second hand detector on the net & had a reply from a bloke who told me about this site. Id never heard of it before so will be checking all the threads out in the near future..
Ive been detecting since i was a kid, relic hunting in the UK. Used to find celtic, roman, & saxon stuff.
Moved over to NZ about 12 years ago where it was mainly beach tecting, heaps of rings & loads of strange stuff the asians  leave as gifts to gods etc Went out digging bombs up once in Pukekohe, that was different..
Here well, been on some beaches...found one ring finds few & far between, pretty much lost interest as was getting nagged to by the mrs
Looks like im gonna get into prospecting, just a matter of when  :)
Im in the Wanneroo area  Perth,  if anybodys around give us a shout

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Re: New member saying hello
« Reply #1 on: August 05, 2017, 22:08 »
Welcome Daryl,
Yep the beaches don`t have a lot on em around Perth in Winter.
Summers another story but you will have to hip check others away on some beaches.
Wanneroo is an old suburb and if you can get in to the Show ground & parks it could have potential.
In Summer I do beaches all over the place, but mostly hibernate in Winter. (Yeah I`m a whimp).
Good luck with your detecting & maybe see you around in warmer times.
Fred C.
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Re: New member saying hello
« Reply #2 on: August 06, 2017, 07:33 »
Welcome to the forum Daryl. As a member you can see more of the forum than others and after 50 posts you will be able to see forum members profiles. Gold prospecting in WA needs permits that we don't need here in Vic and the gear is more expensive than buying a beach detector. If you decide to go gold prospecting don't buy a coin and relic machine with the name gold included. Better to hire a 4500 than do a lot of walking for nothing with an inferior machine.
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