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 Falsing Pro Pointer - Upgrade to Carrot?


Hi all, My Garrett Pro Pointer has recently starting falsing consistently, usually when any pressure is applied to the probe. The only way to temporarily stop the beeping is to turn it Off then On. From searching Google and this forum I understand that it is a fairly common issue.
Some guys on youtube suggested applying extra insulation around the red wires that connect the coil to the board. So I pulled it apart to check this, but can see that all 3 wires are already covered in shrink tubing. I wonder if this was done by Garrett when I send it away for repair once before. Regardless, the falsing issue remains even with the circuit board removed from the shell, so I guess the issue is with the coil/probe itself rather than something shorting out on the board.
Does anybody have any advice on a fix? Otherwise I'm thinking of upgrading to the Carrot. I have watched reviews of the alternatives (Whites, Deteknix, Nokta), but prefer the functionality/feel of the Garrett.
Has anybody had any similar falsing issues with the Carrot/Pro Pointer AT?


Garrett are know for Falsing and a few seem to be having Carrot issues as well.

Whites, Deteknix, Nokta  , Profind  All have Pros and Cons BUT cheaper than a Carrott.

Mine as well, I've had it for over a year now and use it almost daily (so it really gets a work out) I've found a simple off and on seems to correct the issue.
It's a great stick (the carrot) and wouldn't go out without it, but just like most electronics it has it's quirky moments


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