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General Detecting Chatter / Re: Nice pre-dec hunt
« Last post by BrisGazza on Today at 07:29 AM »
Nice little hunt Mossop , I would say 50's maybe for the compact , Gazza
General Detecting Chatter / Re: its here
« Last post by Marksman on Today at 07:20 AM »
Battery Life?

Its hard for me to say as when your testing it isnt straight forward like a hunt as you are always looking for and ironing out any glitches. Its not like we get a completely releasable model to use and often I am back and forth to Minelab getting new software so it gets recharged a lot mid testing if that makes sense. I have done a few 3 to 4 hour hunts over a few days without charging. Hope that helps but try to understand that testing is very much all over the place as you are constantly changing between all modes and settings etc. For example one day I spent a couple of hours just using the pinpoint mode pinpointing targets not exactly fun and probably puts heavy draw on the battery. 
General Detecting Chatter / Re: Nice pre-dec hunt
« Last post by Dutchy (Jarhead) on Today at 05:14 AM »
Could be a Kewpie Doll. From art work I would say 30's-50's.
General Detecting Chatter / Re: its here
« Last post by goldnugget01 on Yesterday at 11:40 PM »
Battery Life?
General Detecting Chatter / Re: its here
« Last post by Marksman on Yesterday at 11:08 PM »
I agree Brian. Being a relic hunter if it is quicker and can separate that ferrous better than the CTX, I will be placing a pre order.    I've used Minelab detectors for 14 years now and stand by them. There isn't much of a learning curve also from going from CTX FBS to this new machine I imagine and that's a plus for me.  I also like the fact they are Australian.

I know there are some good finds left on my sites among the iron and I've tweaked the CTX as much as I can at the moment and over 1000 hours learning it. I just need a bit more technology to get them.

The speed setting makes a major difference amongst the trash. Be aware if you run in the slower speeds you get the best depth and although you lose a bit of depth with the fast speeds it is great amongst trash, it doesnt mask targets like the CTX so you are going to pull targets from ground you have detected.
General Detecting Chatter / Re: its here
« Last post by Marksman on Yesterday at 11:02 PM »
will it have a backlight i hope so

Yes it does
General Detecting Chatter / Re: its here
« Last post by Marksman on Yesterday at 10:58 PM »
I'll take a guess that being a usb interface(5v) it'll most probably take a portable battery pack or an in car usb charger.
Also just saw on a video interview,  that you can plug in a power bank and charge it while you are detecting.

This is correct
General Detecting Chatter / Re: its here
« Last post by Marksman on Yesterday at 10:54 PM »
Seems like a good machine but waterproof to only 3 metres means I won't be getting one.
At the end of the video the guy when asked said 10 metres but even that is pushing it.
Its a pity cause I don't think it would take a huge amount of effort to make a unit that is truly waterproof.

They said something about the charge point being magnetic.
Does this suggest that the battery is sealed inside and if it goes flat during a hunt you need to go home to recharge?

Can be charged in the field if you have a power pack and your cable on hand. batteries are sealed inside the unit.
General Detecting Chatter / Re: its here
« Last post by Marksman on Yesterday at 10:50 PM »
I think the CTX will sit nicely above these new offerings, but I wonder if they'll drop the Safari and Etrac from their line-up?
Is this "multi-IQ simultaneous multi-frequency technology" all new technology or just an update to FBS?

Will be interesting to see how it performs in the field.  


Definately new technology and as for how it performs in the field I have been testing it for some time now and will say without any doubt it hits coins at depth that CTX has missed. I pinged a penny at about 13 inches on an oval. I took it to the bottomless pit and pulled three threepence and one shilling in a session along with other coins that had clearly been victims of the CTX masking them out.
General Detecting Chatter / Nice pre-dec hunt
« Last post by Mossop on Yesterday at 10:12 PM »
Got out on a gorgeous Sunday and managed a PB on pre-decs, landing 10 including 4 silvers. Highlights were 3 threepences, a sixpence, 2 halves of the same penny in different holes, and another 1912 Commonwealth penny - I do love them.
Also scored 2 shell cases (5 from this site so far plus a few bullets), another dart (2nd), a spoon (rang higher than I would have suspected - maybe had silver plating at one stage), and a nice compact that was still openable, so obviously wasn't complete junk. It still had a shiny gold colour on the inside, though the 2 mirrors were broken. Its about 6 or so cm across, and the picture looks to be enamelled. Anyone want to hazard a guess on age? Artwork looks sort of "Rosie the riveter" 40's style, but that's pure guesswork. Rang up a huge 86 on the At Pro - thought it was pre-dec number 10 in the fading light, but that came 2 holes later.
Had 8 pre-decs by lunch, but much harder after. Still haven't found that elusive shilling and stuck on one florin . . . . .
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