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 Top Service from Angermanagement(Read 353 times)
Top Service from Angermanagement on: July 21, 2017, 16:05
Hello All,
Once again a very big thank you to AM. I recently bought an Excal 2 off him and was very pleased with it and was really liking the machine. Then when I was digging a target about 3 weeks ago ( naturally enough a ringpull :( ) the tone started jumping all over the place, and no matter what I did it wouldn't stop. Result was 1 detector, minus  the shafts, boxed up and posted to QLD. Once it arrived  the diagnosis was not good. Most likely scenario was the board had gone and of course that aint cheap. AM gave me 2 options , 1 - fix it or 2 - would I like an Excal 800 as a replacement. This had the 8" coil ( same as the 2), and the pinpoint mod!! I was blown away and as a result I now have the 800 while AM has some spare parts.  Set it up on my neck harness this morning and after prancing around on the driveway in my socks ( well the grass was wet :D and I was in too much of hurry for shoes ) , quickly did some chores and headed out to the local beach. The usual rubbish and what was really pleasing was the small size of a lot of it, ( if it finds small it will find anything :) ).  The first target was 10c, a  piece of aluminium chain and then what I though was a 5c, until I cleaned away some of the crud to reveal a 6d. Only the 2nd pre dec I have found in this area and both with the Excals. So once again a  very big thanks to Mark for going above and beyond.
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The bucket list. Gothic Florin - found, Gold ring - found, Trench Art - not found, Sunrise badge - not found, Cricket buckle = not found, Sov or half Sov - not found.

Re: Top Service from Angermanagement Reply #1 on: July 21, 2017, 17:53
Had the same experience with A.M....I'll second your sentiments Tasrog. 
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Re: Top Service from Angermanagement Reply #2 on: July 21, 2017, 21:15
I've got an 8" also and it hits hard on small object.....really small objects!

Surprised to hear that the board just went and died on the 2. I have to drown them to have that happen? 
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Re: Top Service from Angermanagement Reply #3 on: July 21, 2017, 21:33
No I was on dry land when it happened and Mark didn't mention any moisture in it. Just put the detector down to dig the target and it went haywire. Dems da breaks. Hopefully  things don't happen in twos :)
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