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Author Topic:  3-4 People required at Laanecoorie please.  (Read 107 times)

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3-4 People required at Laanecoorie please.
« on: September 05, 2017, 06:05 »
Hi Folks,
Last year my team won the Trivia comp at the Laanecoorie gold bash. I don't know how but we did nd the team Name is now on the golden pick.
I will be defending the title at this years event but can't get hold of my team members, who where just people I met while eating dinner before the trivia comp.
So I need 3-4 People to join the team, I'll even give you a hat for helping out and so we look like a bit of a team.
Don't need to be any good at trivia! Just must like a laugh and then be humble when we get thrashed on the night.

Thanks in Advance

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