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 Its OFFICIAL. This should put an end to the SCHOOL DEBATE(Read 20474 times)
Hi HeavyMetal

As the property will be owned by the church it's not actually public property. To my understanding one should seek permission before detecting there. There should generally be someone there thru the week whom you could ask. Failing that you could try early before the sunday mass for the particular church and ask to speak with the head of that church. Maybe even offer to try and find recently lost items the congregation may have reported as lost on the grounds for free. My guess is that last one would likely get the foot in the door so to speak.
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Any church that is still in use is always owned by the religion concerned and managed by a local committee.
If a church appears abandoned it still may be owned by someone who intends to renovate it.
Usually the closest farm house, if in a rural area, will know who to contact.
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Re: Its OFFICIAL. This should put an end to the SCHOOL DEBATE Reply #52 on: September 25, 2016, 10:56
Spot on Smurf --- know it for years and would never risk the incursion --- tempted though LOL.
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