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Author Topic: [FOR SALE] Xterra 70  (Read 281 times)

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[FOR SALE] Xterra 70
« on: July 18, 2017, 23:22 »
As per the header, Xterra 70 for sale. Comes with the 9" 7.5kHz concentric, the 10" x 5" 18.75kHz DD and the small 6" 18.75kHz DD coils; pretty much one for every occasion. All are original - no ear repairs or cracks. Both DD coils come with skid plates, the 9" has a coating of tub liner instead which works quite well.  Unit also comes with the original instruction manual, one of those enviro control box cover thingys and its original box. All in good condition, fully working and ready to go.  I'll post some photos over the next day or two once I figure out how (Photobucket no longer works for me unfortunately). Selling as I never use it. Open to sensible offers. Located in 5158.

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