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Everything Off Topic / Re: The Spitfire Penny
« Last post by Rwork on Today at 06:41 PM »
A little off topic but the certificate is in a similar vein.
Also i have a feeling that one of the spitfire badges were found in the Thames and shown on London Mudlark page. Laura’s book should be out soon and i will remind her of your offer to review it. Interesting to see what she wrote about me :)
Everything Off Topic / The Spitfire Penny
« Last post by JohnUK on Today at 06:19 PM »

Raising money to build a Spitfire.  Fashioning one out of a pre-decimal penny, plus a detectorist find. The muse can lead you into strange places.
"Hearn" looks like an Australian silver smith but cant find it my hallmark books so worth some more research :)  
Nokta / Nokta absence.
« Last post by ivanll on Today at 06:03 PM »
Haven't seen/heard much from Nokta since 2017 ???

Don't think the group of visitors it was aimed at will take much notice, they already get what they came for and it's free.

Even it they did become members it would just add to the list of none (0) posting members of which there are already heaps.

You got me ....
I thought it might have been about the choccy coins wrapped in gold

Cheers Nanjim
any hallmarks on the silver fob charm commodore ??
Sterling Silver
I got some for summer work with my GPX4000 and X-terra 705 (need a converter from 1/4 inch to 1/8 inch jack), I have no problems with recommending them.
Being able to easily order new foam covers is a great bonus every couple of years.
Mine came in the same hard case as the wireless set for the Deus.
The connector is a 90 degree plug.
Detector Accessories / Re: PRODUCT REVIEW: Sunray Pro Gold Headphones
« Last post by ivanll on Today at 11:18 AM »
Thinking of buying a pair of these for my Fisher F4,Anyone tried them with an F4?
Also best place to buy?
If hard to find try "Killer B Wasp" they are the same headphones with a different name and they will both work on an F4.
Got mine from Colonial Metal Detectors.
Dealer Specials / Re: Australian Made Digging tools
« Last post by purgatori on Today at 09:13 AM »
Are you making anymore long handle diggers clegy
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