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Anybody think to put a CTX  and a Deus  side by side over the same ground, and compare how they respond to the same targets?
Its been done hundreds of times I imagine. I think there would be a number of videos out there.  Similar to the Holden Ford debate.  Don't expect a straight answer.  If you put two top rated hammers in 2 x carpenters hands to build a structure, does the quality of the structure depend more on the hammer or the carpenter?

The key is getting a decent machine that works for you and actually put some time in (experience) to learn it. You should get to the level where that machine talks to you. If you don't know what I mean by that then spend more time with a machine until it does. Just my opinion and have fun at the end of the day.
SDC2300 / Re: Garrett ATX up against the SDC 2300
« Last post by wltdwiz on Today at 04:42 AM »
over here in the usa
theirs no comparison its sdc 2300 all the way all day 
better machine imho
General Detecting Chatter / Re: Biggest Myth - Minelab CTX 3030
« Last post by mike33 on Today at 12:16 AM »
Anybody think to put a CTX  and a Deus  side by side over the same ground, and compare how they respond to the same targets?
When I used to live at Vaughan Springs I used to go trecking in the gullies out the back of the caravan park and there was an area that trail bike riders used to have a bit of fun at.  One section had a couple of humps along the trail that they used to jump over with a flat section between them. One particular year I went for a treck through the area and the spot in between the two humps was opened up with maybe a 15 foot drop large enough to drop a small car in.  I guess you just never really know whats under your feet sometimes.
Used Equipment for Sale or Wanted / Re: What is a Fisher Gold Bug 2 worth ?
« Last post by Skexis on Yesterday at 10:07 PM »
I reckon $50 postage is a bit hopeful. 4.8lb shipping weight in a 22 x 12 x 6" box. Cheapest I can find works out to USD$68.50

There is a supposedly new one on ebay Australia at the moment however the sellers name and feedback score doesn't inspire confidence in the item's authenticity.
General Detecting Chatter / Re: Gold Bug
« Last post by John-au on Yesterday at 08:18 PM »
According to Wikipedia the very first recognized biomining system was published in 1951 by a Kenneth Temple PhD.
General Detecting Chatter / Re: Gold Bug
« Last post by Rwork on Yesterday at 07:30 PM »
Link works. 
General Detecting Chatter / Re: The DODDERSHALL Ring
« Last post by Rwork on Yesterday at 07:27 PM »
A great story. I wonder why the people concerned where never notified when they were supposed to be. Good to see the ring is home again.
It was like a cave underneath, large enough to hold a car. No gold though.
General Detecting Chatter / Re: Biggest Myth - Minelab CTX 3030
« Last post by AngerManagement on Yesterday at 07:24 PM »
1001 myths and crap out on FB and Utube...  But do not try and dispel a bad review..  The masses will not accept it...

The biggest problem is that so many today do not bother to PRACTICE or understand even the most basic Physics / Mechanical/Electrical understanding...

PS.  That test area was a mass of  interference  :-)     But not as bad as some sites I have had to detect LOL.
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