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General Detecting Chatter / Re: Minelab Repairs
« Last post by projeanant on Today at 11:41 AM »
I've just got home to very cold Perth mornings, YUK!  Things started looking up when I saw my Excal had returned from Anger Management.  Plugged battery pod in and..........?...Sq ark!  You bueaty I'm back to having fun.
AM, Many many thanks for prompt service and advice.  
To the other lot....thanks for nothing !

Now to convince myself it's not that cold.
My foreign coins since I started two and half years ago.  I didn't realise what I had collected, especially the number of US and New Zealand coins.

My favourite, is the US 1964 Kennedy silver half dollar followed by the 1955 2 cent British Caribbean Territories.
The other ones I like were the Visit Nepal coin and the US 1929 wheat cent.
Here's a link to the developer's page with instructions on using the ios version. Website
I have the paid version. It's a good app 

     For those into tech , seen this on another forum

General Detecting Chatter / Re: Modern Foreign Coins Found through the years
« Last post by Rwork on Yesterday at 08:24 AM »
I like the look of the top right coin and the pound on the top left. What is written on the edge of that coin?
XP / Re: Waterproof Control Box Cover
« Last post by goldpick on Yesterday at 12:00 AM »
Yes they are pricey from abroad, pretty ridiculous shipping rates really for such a small package.

I bought two of mine when they were dirt cheap too, & local as well.  I suspect they were knock offs labelled as Aryca, though they still do a pretty good job.  I rarely use them these days, too much stress is put on the shaft mount clip. 

 Best way to do it is too purchase a second shaft mount, and permanently bond the control box mount ot it - will get around to doing it one day.
New Members Introduce yourself Here 2016 Onwards / Re: Hi from NW Tassie
« Last post by Ravvin on June 24, 2017, 19:02 »
Thanks for the welcome.
Once I get my current gear sorted out and remember how my detector works, I'll give you a yell, Roger. ;D
Surely I must be rich ???

I like the 1 Quetzal from Guatemala ....!
Here's of few of mine from the last 12 months or so .....

First pic. Is from Trumpland....!
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