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General Detecting Chatter / Re: Well THAT was unexpected . . .
« Last post by kg1 on Today at 06:46 PM »
Thats certainly one big chunk of silver.

I don't know how people can stand wearing rings that big. They're very uncomfortable. 
Superb ....!!

great showpiece Brian

The Forum is indebted to have this

Good reading your success.
Well done.
I take it that the trip was worth, given the number of finds and even some gold.
I look forward to your next adventure.
I spent week in the Southern Highlands of NSW on a 7-day tag-along gold-detecting tour of old gold workings. As well as the gold detecting, I took the opportunity to take along the trusty At Pro in the hope of scaring up some decent relics.

The goldfields produced a minimal amount of gold for the group (I think we managed just short of 10g for the week between about 10 of us) with the biggest piece a nice specie going 3.75g. For myself, I managed a measly 3 pieces totalling 0.98g (you will see 4 in the photo - one broke with over-vigorous cleaning) - my biggest was 0.37g. Hard work with that sort of return.

I took every opportunity I could to poke around the old town we were staying in and managed to pull a bunch of stuff - mainly junk, but some cool things amongst them.

My coolest relic find (to me, anyway) was a corking old-style padlock, still attached to it's latch!!. Not sure of age - I am trying to find out, but its awesome to look at. Other relics included a reins guide, a purse top, boot-heel plate, a boot toe-plate, a few buttons, an old spoon, a number of belt buckles, and an old toy train.

Jewellery-wise I found a couple of sterling silver rings, and a brooch. Best guess says the brooch is Victorian, though again I am trying to research it. Photo below, so any help from the cognoscenti out there would be appreciated. It looks to be gold-plated, with a number of stones, and is marked "50" or "150" on the back. I am guessing the diamonds aren't real, as if they were I would expect the brooch to be gold!!

I did a bit better on coins, pulling some goldies and BBs during the week, as well as some pre-decs including a gorgeous 1916 sixpence that was worn way down, unlike any I have seen or found before - I just love it.

I stayed back for a few hours after everyone had left for home to detect a small park that I had found the sixpence and a roo penny on earlier in the week and had an absolute blinder. I pulled 5 roo pennies, 2 more sixpences, 2 shillings and a bunch of other stuff. The highlight came when a lady I hadn't seen before looked back at me from my hand - an 1875 Victorian penny!!! Talk about stoked!! Just about made my week right there . . . .   I am now legitimately in the 1800 club!!!!

Final coin tally for the week was $25.55 in modern, 8 roo pennies, one ha'penny, 3 shillings (I now have 5 - 2 weeks ago I had none!!), 4 sixpences (including my 2 oldest), and a marvellous, beautiful, superb Victorian penny that is in stunning nick (much better than it looks in the photos).

The biggest thing I took away was that there is all this territory to explore and cool stuff to find within a few hours of home. I am now much more inclined to give it a go, especially since I know I can set up the camper by myself and don't get scared at night!!!

Much . . . .

Hi all I have reduced the price to $200, Gazza
General Detecting Chatter / Re: its here
« Last post by BrisGazza on Today at 04:51 PM »
Thankyou FSHOO , I could not open Rays link which is why i missed this bit , I did how ever get to see a clip with a Roman silver coin unearthed , hence why i asked in the 1st place , I am thinking about getting a Etrac  but wondering if I should wait for the Equinox , Gazza
General Detecting Chatter / Re: Well THAT was unexpected . . .
« Last post by Mossop on Today at 04:48 PM »
That's a bigun alright, nice find. tid's that high tend to be rusty metal on my F75.
may be able to trace the previous owner with the inscription.

Yep, ditto here - THAT's why it was so unexpected. Problem is, now I have to dig ALL of them forever after!!!!
Dude - that's a fantastic resource. In cricket parlance - "Well played Sir!!".
Everything Off Topic / Re: Black Powder
« Last post by Sneaky on Today at 04:00 PM »

I love a visit to the local BP club, the cannons are always a favourite.
If you come over to WA for Nationals at any stage be sure to bring your detector and let me know you're coming.

Everything Off Topic / Re: Black Powder
« Last post by Rwork on Today at 01:46 PM »
Large bore rifle.
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