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Author Topic:  Got my Deus 9" HF coil today!  (Read 211 times)

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Got my Deus 9" HF coil today!
« on: April 20, 2017, 20:45 »
Was happy to see a parcel dropped off this morning, been waiting to use the smaller on the Deus for a while now - just been procrastinating over whether to get the old or new HF version.
Needless to say I went with the newer version, as 14kHz was attractive as an all-round coin/relic frequency, along with more battery capacity.
Ended up assembling everything and headed out for a go at a heavily contaminated old church site that had supposedly been hammered in the past, even if it was raining cats and dogs.
Will posts results from that a bit later, all I can is that I was pretty impressed with the results. ;) 

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