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Author Topic:  At Last! MarsMD Products are Back, Universal shafts, Pointers and Coils.  (Read 417 times)

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G'day all,
After many a challenge to get these back into the country I have finally done it! MarsMD Products are back and in stock ready to roll.
The last 2-3 months have been a trial thats for sure, Late product launches, products getting pulled off the plane because of lithium (Bloody Yanks) and hardly any time to actually have a detect.
Did I mention trade sanctions? Never thought I would have to worry about that! LOL
Well paperwork is in, exemptions granted and I can Now get products out of the Ukraine again. The supply Line is OPEN.
First Batch has arrived and In stock I have.
MarsMD Universal Shafts, Suit over 50 Detectors!
MarsMD Pin Pointers, The ones that seem to play nice with 5000's.
MarsMD Coils in Tiger (10 x 13 Inch) and Sniper (6 x 10 Inch) to suit.
- Atpro
- Xterra, including Dual frequency coil.
- Racer/Racer2
All the details and pricing, shipping etc at the link below.

Happy Hunting folks, I will be getting mars Gear in pretty regular so if there is a particualr product you would like from them get in touch and I'll get it sorted for you.
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Can members reply now in Dealer Specials?
If not let me know on shout.
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Can I reply here? looks like it.
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 :)  Were you able to get spares yet Clegy ,  Still need a bolt & nut for the arm rest for the cscope , good ol zip ties ;D  Gazza .
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